Pearl Spa collection. The ultimate spa experience.
Includes 1 chair, 1 basin with Taps & faucet with base, 1 pearl seat.
Custom made to order.
Dimentions of Chair
Width: 91 cm Depth: 75 cm Height: 89 cm Product description- Leather covered sponge body- Coated metal legs- Gold gilded decorative ceramic basin, acrylic base- Italian battery
Dimentions of Basin
Width: 75 cmDepth: 60 cmHeight: 45-59 cmProduct description-Acrylic base-Adjustable footrest-Bottom gilt decorative ceramic sink
Dimentions of Pearl seat 
Width: 32Depth: 37Height: 42Product description- Wooden body- Leather covered foam seating area- Gold gilded decorative handles- Wheeled feet- 2 drawers
Delivery in  4-5 weeks
Made with high qauilty materials in Europe

Pearl Spa Station with stool