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Q: How can I contact Dazzleyoureyes for order enquiries?    

A: For any questions regarding orders placed on our online store or help placing an order, please contact us via email at or message us on Instagram for an instant reply at @salon.designs.

You can also reach us by phone at 07341366786 or WhatsApp at 07341366786.    


Q: Do we have a showroom?    

A: Dazzleyoureyes is an online retail-only store and does not have a showroom for customers to visit in person.    


Q: How can I get more information about Salon interior design?    

A: For more information about Salon interior designs service, please email us on

Q: How do I get in touch with customer support?    

A: You can get in touch with our customer support team by filling out the contact form on our website, sending us an email, or giving us a call. We are available to assist you with your questions or concerns.    


Q: How can I provide feedback on your products or services?    

A: We always welcome feedback from our customers and are dedicated to providing the best possible products and services. You can provide feedback by filling out the contact form on our website or sending us an email. We appreciate your input and will do our best to incorporate your suggestions.



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